First Mountain Tasting Room

The historic towns of North Georgia have seen a renaissance in the last 10-years. Cities like Elijay and Blue Ridge are leading the way by welcoming people from the all over the South that are looking for a quick escape to a more relaxing, historic small town feel, each place has held on to for more than 100-years. 

The latest Georgia mountain town to start this process is Jasper, Georgia. With the new Woodbridge Inn, Pendley Creek Brewing Company, and restaurants like The Old Mule House, 61 Main, and LC Taco Bar a sense of community is once again being felt in the mountain town.   

In addition to the new restaurants and brewery, Jasper is surrounded by vineyards like Ott Farms, Fainting Goat and Cartecay Vineyards. It was only a matter of time before someone noticed the rise of both the town of Jasper and its proximity to the many vineyards. The people that noticed are the owners of Jaspers’ newest establishment, First Mountain Tasting Room at 69 North Main Street. Their names are  J. Cornelius & Stacey James-Cornelius

North Georgia is rapidly growing into one of the most important wine producing regions in the Southeast. Downtown Jasper’s Main Street has enormous potential.” Said James-Cornelius.

The Cornelius’s opened the tasting room in early 2022 and it features local wines from the Jasper area as well as other regional selections and wine from around the world. You can grab on of the local beers as well as fine cigars while there. They also offer informative wine tastings and a club for wine lovers.  “J and I are “community people. It warms our hearts to watch perfect strangers strike up a conversation, exchange laughs, ideas and even contact info with one another.” They truly do have a love for the mountain town, for local wine and southern hospitality. 

The First Mountain Tasting Room has solidified downtown Jasper as a destination for a night of food, fun and delicious local wines and is now considered the heart town.  

More information can be found at their website or give them a call at (706) 301-3929 and ask for J. or Stacey and they would be happy to help you. 

Thank you to Scoop OTP contributor Kristopher R Drees who is a 5 Time Emmy Award Winning News Producer and 40 Year resident of Atlanta, GA. He is an avid hiker, traveler, eater, sports and comedy writer and man-about-town.