Farm Store Now Open in Cherokee County

Update 8/12


If you aren’t familiar with Farm Stores, they provide a unique neighborhood experience. A combination of grocery store, bakery and restaurant, they give you the freshest products in the most convenient manner: the equivalent of a drive-thru supermarket express lane. You can follow their Georgia Facebook page to see if a location is coming to your area!

Two are slated with more coming as the company now offers franchising.

They offer all your favorite grocery brands in addition to products you won’t find anywhere else, and they bring it all directly to your car! In fact, Farm Stores has been a convenient last stop on the way home for families for nearly 60 years.

I can remember my mom driving through them as a kid and getting eggs and donuts. I always wished when my kids were younger to have this option and not get out of the car! Now, we have options as Insta-cart and Amazon prime, but at the time – Farm Stores were unique and I think people will still utilize the convenience they offer.

Here is a video about franchising a farm stores as they enter the Georgia market.  Kate Stroth is the contact for farm stores franchising in Georgia.

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