Mitchell Hyre Book Signing

January 26, 2019 all-day
Book Warehouse of Atlanta
915 Ridgewalk Pkwy
Book Warehouse of Atlanta
Mitchell Hyre Book Signing @ Book Warehouse of Atlanta

Mitchell (Mitch) Hyre is a native of Winchester, Indiana where he graduated high school in 1981. He moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area when he was 35 to explore job opportunities. He soon settled in the small but growing community of Kennesaw, home of the Great Locomotive Chase of the Civil War.

Mitch wasn’t an avid reader growing up but preferred more tactile hobbies like sports, camping and mechanics. It wasn’t until much later in life that he realized the importance of reading and building a fluid vocabulary. After earning an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and later a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, Mitch felt that he had enough education and experience with creative writing to author his first book.

He found that his writing flowed better if he didn’t use a format or any preconceived plan. Many of his stories are written without any idea as to character development, setting or conflict resolution. Instead, he just starts writing and oftentimes doesn’t know where the story is going until it is written. This sort of ‘off the cuff’ method has worked well for him in over half of his stories.

Mitch is currently semi-retired. When he isn’t writing fiction, he most likely will be found motorcycle riding in the North Georgia mountains.