Da Vinci’s Donuts are Delightful

logoIt was not a tough day in Scoopville when Michelle and I went to check out Da Vinci’s Donuts in downtown Alpharetta. We were very excited to find out that their donut size was much smaller than traditional donuts, so in theory, that meant less calories. But it was our duty to try a variety of  toppings, and we take our job very seriously. We didn’t want to let you down!

First of all, Da Vinci’s Donuts isn’t a traditional bakery that you might be used to. The entire concept of this shop is to customize your donut with their icings and toppings, just like an ice cream or yogurt store. And the donuts are cake style — light with a crunch exterior.


With 20 different flavors, where will you begin? They have vintage icings like vanilla, chocolate, maple, and powdered sugar. Their contemporary donuts include flavors such as raspberry lemonade and cinnamon roll.

Last, but definitely not least, are their signature donuts that have innovative flavors with a spin on Italian desserts and classic treats. This is where we went a little crazy! We enjoyed French Toast, Cookies & Creme, Maple Bacon, Salted Carmel, S’mores, Pina Colada and more. And on this Scoop outing, we brought our girls (Scoopers-in-Training) who also enjoyed the experience building their own donuts and eating them!


With their palette of icings, topping and drizzles and your ability to create your own, the Da Vinci’s Donuts name makes perfect sense. When you first walk into the store, there is a huge chalkboard allowing the customers to get creative. There is also great chalk art on the walls for sale by Whitney Barnard of the Scribble Studio.

Melissa and Andrew Rudd aren’t your typical donut makers. She is an audiologist and he is an attorney. Melissa is a self taught cook who enjoyed making donuts with her mom, and then later with her own children. She combined her love of donuts, her Italian heritage, and her creative side to create Da Vinci’s Donuts. This isn’t a franchise, but could be since it is such a different type of donut store that would be popular anywhere OTP and beyond! Contact the owners for details.

10455865_658694707551790_4741601458365637835_nAdditionally, they offer aromatic Cup to Cup coffee, 12 varieties of Harney & Sons fine teas, milk and sodas to accompany your treat. You can enjoy carry out or sit and stay (they have wi-fi) and let your little ones doodle on the chalkboard.

Consider them for  a birthday, sport, or business box. They also can complete large orders for special occasions. Follow them on Facebook for the latest news.

131 S. Main St., Suite F Alpharetta, GA 30009
Closes at 1 except for Friday / Sat open til 9pm.