Fitness Trainer Lori Forrester asks, What’s in your bag?

I like to stay on plan throughout the year regardless of my crazy schedule. Of course there are many excuses not to make healthy food choices every day. Most common ones have to do with the running around we all have to do, and how we are always eating on the fly.

Well of course you know I have a solution for you. I’ve developed somewhat of a cooler obsession. I LOVE coolers! I wander the isles of Target every time I go looking for new carriers for food. It’s becoming a problem. They make such cute ones now and when the next one I see is cuter or handier than the one I just bought! Geez…I’m running out of storage.

We travel a lot for my girls’ sporting events and have to have coolers anyway for their snacks, but I always have one for myself as well. I have several different ways to carry my food. One is a back-pack, one’s a shoulder strap, and my newest one is on wheels with a retractable handle! There are times when I feel like I need a U-Haul behind our car just for my food. Some girls buy shoes. I buy cooler bags!

My favorite cooler is the one I bought from 6 Pack Fitness called sixpackbags. (Scoop OTP loves the play on words from ABS!) It comes with it’s own containers that fit nicely into the slotted sections. No more crushed food or digging out your meal from the bottom. It’s so handy to just unzip the front, grab your container and off you go! There are compartments for supplements, shaker cups, napkins and utensils, or whatever else you like to take along with you. You can choose different colors (mine is pink) and you have two choices of sizes. I chose the 3 meal options but there is a 5 meal option as well. It’s perfect for eating on schedule if you have a full-time job or you are going to be away from home the entire day. The gel packets that come with it and fit perfectly into the sides keep your food cold all day.

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas for keeping myself on track. Just like it helps motivate me to get to the gym when I have new workout clothes or a new set of kicks, having a new handy colorful cooler bag to tote my smelly food around excites me to pack it up! Oh…am I the only one who is into this stuff? Let me know what you’ve come up with to keep you going. I’ll try just about anything and that’s the cooler scoop!