Chickfix For All Your DIY Needs

During these cold, winter months, many of us start to realize it might be a good time to start addressing some of those minor repairs around the home. Now, stay focused — if you are like me, you start one tiny project and somehow it snowballs into painting and rearranging the entire house — so stay the course!

If you have been delaying fixing things round your house, but just need a little direction on how to do it yourself, look no further than Chickfix, a local mom who has created her own YouTube channel dedicated to DIY repairs and projects.

Angela Sachse has always been handy, and more importantly, not afraid to try doing anything handy around her house as well as with cars. Her DIY mentality started at a young age growing up with a single mom, and developed even more when she was gifted a 1969 Volkswagon bus and had to learn the ins and outs of auto mechanics.

Fast forward to 2016, and the Canton mom found herself often explaining to friends how to handle minor household repairs. After taking to YouTube to look up some videos to help herself, she realized that most of the videos she was seeing were made by men, and, like many great entrepreneurs, realized she could do this better herself!

Her YouTube channel is full of DIY projects and some fun Pinterest inspired projects too. Videos include fixing a running toilet, checking the air in your tires, installing a ceiling light and other crafty projects like building a nativity set, creating shelves for art displays, and even handy tips for dancers (oh, she’s a Dance Mom too!)

I know I am guilty of not learning simple tasks around the house just because I know my husband will handle it. But, after watching her videos, and am feeling inspired to maybe give it an attempt on my own next time. It’s nice to know that you can pull up a Chickfix video and have a little safety net in place before you dive in and try to DIY.

Check Chickfix out on YouTube, and if you find Angela’s videos helpful like we did, you can help her out by subscribing to her channel. And, if you have a specific question, ask! She’s happy to try to answer questions from her subscribers. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Pinterest too.

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