Casting Calls for the Atlanta Area

Halloween is still a few months away, but something spooky is happening now in the Atlanta area!

sleepyhollowFox’s hit show Sleepy Hollow is coming back for a new season, and they’re having an open call for new and featured roles. Don’t miss out on this extra casting call. 

Queen Latifah is one of our favorite stars, and she’s coming back to TV this fall! She’s starring a new Fox Queen-Latifah-Benjamin-Brattshow with Benjamin Bratt and they’re filling out the cast now. Click here now to meet the Queen! 

Ever dreamed of being a model? This is your chance! Pierre Casting is looking for models for an upcoming shoot, and you could be one of them! 

A new TV pilot is shooting and they’re looking for Betty White types. So if you’re an older lady with charm and moxie, you can’t pass this opportunity up! 

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