Brooklyn Water Bagel Company

Having grown up in South Florida and working at the Bageland restaurant through my high school years, I am picky when it comes to bagel specialty shops. Now, I have two favorites: SOHO Bagels (right outside my neighborhood), and Brooklyn Bagels (OTP on the perimeter line).

I am spoiled because I live near SOHO Bagels, with two OTP locations in Canton and Woodstock. I am a big fan of both their chicken and egg salad. So I was leery of trying a chain restaurant, but I had to Scoop it out for the job.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company is a franchise, but this is the only one in Atlanta. It’s right across from Cumberland mall and near the Galleria center off of 285.

My sister lives in Brooklyn and every time I visit, I always hear, “It’s the water that makes the bagels and pizza taste so good!” Well, she is correct. The NY water has a great filtration system and each Brooklyn Water Bagel Company has brought that technology into their store.  They bake their food, beverage, and bakery products with this specially-treated water that they call “Brooklynized” water. In fact, they even have their own brand of bottled water.

After eating a huge lunch at nearby Cinco’s Mexican restaurant with Michelle, I didn’t leave room to try any of their great sandwiches, but I couldn’t pass up their desserts.  I felt like a little kid when I saw a black and white cupcake! Of course, they had the famous cookie too, but the cupcake drew me in. I also bought the classic chocolate chip muffin too. Neither flavor disappointed — both were moist and tasty! We also got some bagels to go and they were delicious. They were even officially approved by our kids!

Not only is this store a bagel shop, a bakery, and a deli, but it is also a coffee shop. They roast their own beans and with the combination of their specialized water, the result is a great tasting cup of coffee. Their 100% chemical-free beans are roasted daily in the shop and your choices vary from strong, sweet, or flavored to match your palate.

Larry King, the NY radio talk show host, is a big endorser of this bagel chain. He is featured on their website, as well as this interesting tool called “brooklynomics,” which is a live counter showing current bagel sales. At last count they had sold more than 2.6 million bagels.

Visit the store and get Brooklynized by ordering their signature 3-Egg sandwich, just-baked gourmet bagel, authentic pizza melts, and, it sounds too good to be true, but they have Scooper Melts (scooped bagel filled with meat, cheese, and condiments!). Well, even if the sandwich isn’t named for us, tell the sweet owner, Tony Yang, that the Scoop girls sent you!