Broadwell Cottage & Church Street Cottage

The Broadwell Cottage Scoop OTP

Update 1-6-2015 the 2 stores will merge into the Alpharetta location at 37 Church Street.  

Have you ever been in one of those shops where you just can’t stop looking all over? Where even the fixtures of the store are so unique, you try to copy them in your own home?

Scoop OTP was in love with Broadwell Cottage at first sight. We were so excited to see that they had Michelle’s next Pinterest project (a Christmas tree made out of driftwood) already completed and on display.

We originally visited the store to try some local food from Cheeses & Mary, who has now relocated just a mile away to her own building. We were lucky enough to meet the owner Jody Green and talk with her about her love and passion for this store, as well as her other store, Church Street Cottage near downtown Alpharetta.

Both stores have a prayer meeting place for CloudWalk Ministries, and all of the profits from the Church Street Cottage support that cause. I loved buying my mother-in-law a wooden cross, as I knew she would appreciate the handmade piece, but also that the funds went to a ministry.

The Broadwell Cottage Cowboy Boots Scoop OTPIt is truly an artisan’s market at these two stores. The Broadwell Cottage has more extensive clothing, accessories, home and garden gift-ables. Both stores have unique jewelry, and they even have some great cowboy boots in stock for the trendsetter that’s looking for a fashionable pair.

We have also featured a few of the books they carry, like Kangaroo Had The Flu (sadly very appropriate this time of year!) and a really interesting book called Irish Pubs in America: History, Lore & Recipes that features Milton’s Irish pub, the Olde Blind Dog.

We need to retun in the spring, which is a favorite time of year for Broadwell Cottage and a great place to get ideas for your own home or garden.

Each time you visit, there may be different items from different artists there, which is what we love that about this unique Scoop-Approved store. The icing on the cake: if you need your purchase gift wrapped, the shop will wrap it beautifully and top it off with fresh dried flowers. You won’t find that in a chain store!

Their Milton location, Broadwell Cottage: 765 Mid Broadwell Rd Alpharetta, (404) 834-2515
Their Alpharetta location, Church Street Cottage: 37 Church St Alpharetta, (404) 834-2516
Visit Scoop Approved Vintage Pizza across the street from their Milton location.