Baguettes & Bagels Deli


Update: Sorry to report this deli has closed.

For a casual meal, we usually choose a place that is convenient to our homes or offices. If the food or service isn’t good, we’ll probably stop going — but all in all, I think we find a place we like and continue to go there. We become the “Regulars.”

My husband and I are such regulars to Baguettes & Bagels in Roswell on Mansell Road for lunch. It’s a quaint little place right near his office in a small Colonial Shopping center; the kind of place you could drive by and not even notice. But it’s worth seeking out!

bagelsPeople seem to have different criteria when judging bagels. Some like them light and fluffy while others want them more dense. All I can say is, their bagels are fresh and tasty!

The owners Elis & Scott Cole are always present too, which is a nice touch. This is the perfect place to pop in if you’re looking for something different from the chain restaurants and fast food options. Grab a Boar’s Head deli sandwich, homemade soup, tuna salad platters, grilled chicken or eggs any way you want. And of course, they have baguettes and bagels.

You order at the counter and the staff will bring the food to your table. I have had the tomato soup, chicken salad platter, and fresh fruit all on numerous occasions. Sometimes I get crazy and order the Reuben. According to my husband, everything he orders is fresh and delicious — he couldn’t pick a favorite.

So if you find yourself shopping on Mansell or near Northpoint Mall, stop by Baguettes and Bagels for a quick breakfast or lunch — you will be pleased. Visit their Facebook page for more information. Tell them Scoop sent you.

They are located at: 1055 Mansell Road, Suite 200, Roswell, Georgia 30076