Atlanta Casting Calls

The Atlanta area is the place to be for casting calls!

Ever since the premiere of the musical Hamilton, the American Revolution is more popular than ever. A new indie film In Search of Liberty is looking for Redcoats and Soldiers. Can you answer this casting call?

You may not know him, but Hank Azaria is secretly one of the biggest names in comedy. If you love The Simpsons or Monty Python’s Spamalot, you know just how great a performer he is. Azaria is currently filming a new IFC comedy in Atlanta, so don’t miss your chance to meet a comedy legend.



Are you in love with the Atlanta Hawks? How would you like to go to the Draft AND get paid? The Hawks are looking for talent to help out at the biggest event of the year! Check it out!

Sundance’s new show Rectify is one of our most popular auditions. They are constantly looking for both background and featured roles! If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes into acting, check this out! 

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